DSC_0167New Braunfels is one of the most beautiful towns in central south Texas, partly because of all of the citizens who take pride in their lawns. There is just something so beautiful about a well maintained yard with a healthy, green, and lush lawn. But, if you live here you know we have some of the hottest and longest summers around. The climate here can reap havoc on your lawn and greenscape if you don’t take the necessary preventative measures. That’s where we come in!

At Medallion Sprinkler Systems we offer sprinkler system installations to any commercial or residential property. Sprinkler systems can help you protect the investment you have made in your landscape by helping to keep it beautiful and thriving year-round. They can also help you to be more water efficient, or they can simply ease the burden of watering your lawn by hand. No matter what your reasons are, at Medallion we can create the best sprinkler system to fit your needs.

Company owner and founder Mark Keith has almost four decades of experience in the irrigation business and has installed well over two thousand sprinkler systems in New Braunfels. You can trust that he will design a sprinkler system tailor made for you and your greenscape. 100% coverage of your landscape is always guaranteed, and all Medallion sprinkler systems are installed with the latest Rainbird and Hunter products. All our irrigation systems include a master valve, automatic rain sensing capabilities, self draining systems, backflow preventers, durable flex sprinkler heads, a two year parts and labor warranty, and much more. We also offer water saving options such as drip-line irrigation, and rain-harvesting systems.

Pricing for Installations:

We give free estimates for all of our installations. Every yard, landscape and project is different, so prices vary, depending on lot size and number of zones needed.  If you are looking to install a sprinkler system to your property, or are wanting to expand your existing system, call us at (830) 629-3522 to schedule a free estimate appointment. Company owner and expert irrigation system designer, Mark Keith, is sent out to perform all of our free estimates. He will evaluate your property, design the best irrigation system to fit your needs, and then draw up your estimate. All for free, and all in a matter of minutes.